The 2007 single ‘The Pretender’ is one of the Foo Fighters’ most successful singles, being one of their only three songs to hit the U.S. Top 40.

It’s success is easy to explain: it’s hooky, upbeat, with a catchy-as-hell chorus. That chorus also happens to be stolen from a popular Sesame Street song.

‘One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other’ was created to teach children the differences between things, but all we could spot were similarities.

Many people did too, leading to comparison videos like this.

To Grohl’s credit, he copped to the similarities, and spoke about how he feels he was subconsciously influenced by the catchy tune – we cannot imagine that he purposely would steal such a widely-known tune.

In the end, the Fooeys got a hit, we were reminded of our childhood, and Dave was able to laugh it off.

No harm, no foul we say.

The best of both worlds.