Rex Orange County fans Down Under will have to wait a while before seeing him live because he’s cancelled his Australian and NZ tour.

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the live music scene as concerts are being cancelled left and right due to the pandemic.

While things are slowly on the upswing now, we’re not out of the woods yet because another big name artist has just cancelled their upcoming Australian and New Zealand tour: Rex Orange County.

After announcing a big Down Under tour back in 2019, COVID-19 threw a massive in the works for the rapidly rising singer-songwriter.

Despite attempts at rescheduling his Australian and NZ tour, the popular musician and Secret Sounds ultimately decided to cancel all the confirmed dates until it is safe to travel overseas again.

Here’s the statement issued out by Secret Sounds about the cancellation of Rex Orange County’s tour Down Under:

“In relation to the global pandemic, Secret Sounds and the Artist have advised this event has been cancelled.

“We have tried very hard to plan for the future amongst the continuing global health crisis, but it has become clear that we’re unable to reschedule the Pony Australia and New Zealand tour dates to a new period that we are fully confident will go ahead.

“So it’s with deep regret that we have to cancel the Rex Orange County dates in Australia & New Zealand.

“We will look to plan a new tour when shows can go ahead again and travel is possible.”

It remains to be seen when big concerts will happen again in Australia given the uncertainty that continues to grip the world right now.

In the meantime, we’ll just have to make do with another listen of Rex Orange County’s most recent album, Ponyand imagine that he’s performing those songs to us live.

Check out ‘Never Enough’ by Rex Orange County: