The whose career was revived by memes, UK singer Rick Astley, has covered Foo Fighters’s signature tune, ‘Everlong’, because… well, for some reason anyway. It’s quite a sight to behold and you can make your life complete by checking it out below.

Astley took to Facebook to share the cover in order to promote an upcoming benefit gig, which hopes to raise money for the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Foundation, which provides clinical music therapy and community music programs.

“That’s the power of the internet, isn’t it?” Astley once told Tone Deaf, remarking on his revived career. “It’s just changed the whole dynamic of what people listen to, and from what era, and everything. It all just melts into one.”

“In Australia – I think it was in Sydney – I got five guys on the stage because they were 18 or whatever they were. I got them on stage to sing a bit of ‘Never Going to Give You Up’. I stopped the band… and I’m kind of thinking: ‘You’re 18, what the hell are you doing?’”