Four years since her last album, Anti, Rihanna spoke about her upcoming album, R9, assuring fans that “I’m gonna make it worth it”. 

In a video chat with an Entertainment Tonight reporter, Rihanna  expressed that she knows her fans are patiently waiting for her new album she wants to release it when it’s the right time.

“I am always working on music and when I am ready to put it out in the way that I feel fit, it’s gonna come out,” she said. “And you’re not going to be disappointed when it happens. It’s going to be worth it.”

In 2012, Rihanna released Unapologetic, her seventh album in seven years, which included the hits ‘Diamonds’ and ‘Stay’.  Fans then waited just over 3 years for her eighth studio album, Anti which included the hits ‘Never Ending’ and ‘Close To You’.

Her loyal fans are now excited for the release of R9 which was teased to be released in 2019 however they are still waiting. “I’m not just gonna put it out just because people are waiting,” she stated. “It’s taken this long, I’m gonna make it worth it.”

It has also been a time where she is reflecting on her career, “I’m 10 years older, I’m 15 years older. I thought that was just a few years ago, now it’s like a decade plus. THAT is what I think about!”

On top of her music career, Rihanna has a beauty, lingerie and fashion empire to manage, and her new skincare range dropping today, July 31st. “I’m also really grateful to still be here and being able to expand into other ventures. I’m grateful. It’s been fun and I can’t even complain,” she said.

There has been no confirmation yet on the release date for the new album, however fans can now anticipate that it’s going to be worth the wait.

Check out Rihanna’s interview with Entertainment Tonight: