In a crossover no one quite expected, Sonny Starkey, grandson of Ringo Starr, and Gene Gallagher, son of Liam Gallagher, are both in big trouble with the law.

Liam Gallagher has always idolised The Beatles (especially John Lennon), but I’m pretty sure having his son and Ringo Starr’s grandson both getting copped with assault charges isn’t the way he’ll want to be associated with his favourite band.

Alright, let’s just quickly recap how Liam Gallagher and Ringo Starr inadvertently found themselves in the headlines for this pretty wild crossover people didn’t expect.

According to The Sun, Starkey, the younger Gallagher, and model Noah Ponte have been accused of attacking staff at a Tesco Express shop in North London (of all places) in 2019.

It is alleged that the attack occurred after Ponte tried to steal a can of beer after the shop’s midnight curfew for buying alcohol.

When the shop’s Indian security guard confronted them over the alcohol, Ponte allegedly said “You bloody Indians. Go back to where you came from. You’re not wanted here.”

From that point, it is reported that the trio of lads and the Tesco staff got into a brawl – which apparently involved Gallagher and Starkey “windmilling” down the aisle –  and that now brings us to this odd little place today.

Gallagher and Ponte have been reportedly accused of racially aggravated assault, while Starkey is facing two charges of assault for beating two Tesco workers. On top of all that, the three chaps all copped disturbing the peace charges for this alleged grocery store brawl.

When the trio appeared in court on November 20th, all three pleaded not guilty to the charges so we can expect this legal battle to go on for a some time yet.

Check out Liam Gallagher reviewing some music by Ringo Starr (among other artists):