Never one to hold back his opinion, Judas Priest singer Rob Halford has gone after streaming services for leaving taking income that should go to artists.

Halford has previously bemoaned how services like Spotify hold on to a lion’s share of the revenue they take in, and has doubled down in a new interview with Max Alt Rock magazine.

Asked about what he feels about streaming in the current age of music, he said we’re still living in “the Wild West.”

The Judas Priest member goes on to say he was actually approached to help create “a video that was going to be utilized for a presentation to Congress” about how music revenue is shared around.

“It’s always been the same — you get the pie chart, and the artists always get the smallest amount of the pie,” he said.

Rather than keep things the way they are, with streaming services like Spotify and Apple filling their pockets as musicians struggle, Halford thinks the industry needs to be legislated more closely.

“I’ve never understood that, because without us, you wouldn’t have an industry. All we’re asking for is fairness, but ever since the Internet took off, there has not been the proper guidance or legislation.

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“There needs to be a universal agreement that is fair for everyone, and it’s coming.”

Halford’s latest comments follow his recent claims that Judas Priest should be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.

“I’ve always admired it. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame isn’t any different from those other institutions they have in America,” he said.

“I think if any metal band deserves to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, it’s Priest and beyond that, there needs to be more metal there because there’s not enough.”

Check out ‘Breaking The Law’ by Judas Priest:

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