As the years drifted by (four to be exact) and the unequivocal Spoon delicacies descended into a distant memory, hope began to fade that a new record would ever surface.

With hope nearly all but gone, we kept telling ourselves that things always seem darkest before dawn and thankfully, with good reason. The American rock icons have risen and dawned a new album (also named in our 25 Most Anticipated For The Second Half Of 2014), reigniting the flame all but burnt out in the bellies of fans worldwide. The new record They Want My Soul is due for release via Spunk Records on 5th August.

The first cut ‘Rent I Pay’ is everything you love about Spoon and then some. Groovy riffs explode from Britt Daniels’ guitar as he lyrically disarms any control, easily working into your subconscious. Classic drum patterns from Jim Eno give the track a stripped back feel and an overwhelming sense of anticipation – the perfect recipe for creating that unforgettable rock n roll swagger.

You can pre-order it now here and watch an unofficial video for visual pleasure whilst audibly you’re swooned into a state of bliss. Check it out below.

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