Queen’s Roger Taylor has recently shared his thoughts on a Bohemian Rhapsody sequel movie in a new interview.

In conversation with BillboardTaylor sat down to promote his brand new body of work, an album titled Outsider which was born from the result of an unexpected four-month lockdown with his wife.

Taylor says that the new album, which marks his sixth in total has a more “adult atmosphere”.

“Maybe I’m older, wiser,” he said.

“I actually think maybe I’m just growing up, that the whole atmosphere of the album is more adult than maybe what I’ve done before, maybe a little more sophisticated than before.”

“And let’s face it — I am a lot older and maybe a little wiser, although I would hope some of it is nicely irresponsible and rock n’ roll.”

Taylor also isn’t closed off to the idea of a sequel to Bohemian Rhapsody, as he says, the film shows us their journey up until the Live Aid era and well, there’s “a lot more to the story”.

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He said, “Right now there isn’t one. I think when we did the movie, we felt like, ‘Well, that went really well. Let’s leave it there.'”

“There is a huge appetite for some kind of sequel, but I haven’t seen a screenplay yet that is workable. The movie only went up to the Live Aid concert in 1985, so there’s obviously a lot more to the story,” he continued.

“I think it might be stupid to rule out a sequel… if something comes up, and it’s a proper thing, not just a cash-in, not Volume Two. But I wouldn’t rule it out at all.”

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Listen to ‘We’re All Just Trying To Get By’ by Roger Taylor:

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