As summer heats up so does the Triple J ‘Hottest 100’ ante. There’s nothing quite like bonding over Hottest 100 predictions with your mates. Since 2015, Warm Tunas has added another facet to the H100 guessing game.

The website,, uses social data to predict the outcome of the highly-esteemed countdown. Nick Whyte, the mastermind behind the operation, scours Twitter and Instagram, exploring posts tagged with the hashtags #hottest100,  #triplejhottest100,  #triplejhottest1002018,  #hottest1002018,  #triplej, to puts together a list of songs which are likely to appear on the countdown.

So far the website has racked up 25620 votes from 2752 images, which is a sample size of 1.15%. So whilst it doesn’t account for a bunch of people, it still gives us an awesome insight into who could take out the highly-coveted countdown.

So now that you’ve got the rundown on how this all works, you’re probably interested in who’s leading the pack.

According to the countdown, Aussie rock is dominating the charts and the hearts of Triple J listeners. With Ocean Alley, DZ Deathrays, Skegss and Ruby Fields all leading the countdown predictions.

1. Ocean Alley – Confidence


The predicted first place for the Hottest 100 is Ocean Alley’s sultry reggae-tinged ‘Confidence’. Which is quite frankly, unsurprising. The sun-drenched jam, with its swooping, sing-a-long chorus encapsulates Australia’s festival spirit to a T.

If you want to talk numbers, since the track’s release, it has been certified Gold in Australia, racked up a mammoth 9 million streams and the music video has over 1.5 million plays.

Watch: Ocean Alley – Confidence

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2. Ruby Fields – Dinosaurs


The next cab off the ranks is Ruby Fields anthem of vulnerability ‘Dinosaurs’. Ruby Fields is undoubtedly one of the finest songwriters in Australia right now. Her sharp songwriting weavers narratives of anxieties and neurosis into quick-witted, fuzzy punk songs. It’s no surprise that her songs have resonated so strongly with the Australian audience. Triple J’s premiere of ‘Dinosaurs’ had both staff and listeners losing their collective minds, just check out some of the reactions the track received.

Watch: Ruby Fields – Dinosaurs

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4. DZ Deathrays – Like People


Is there any feeling quite like being launched into the air to ‘Gina Works At Hearts’ in a sweaty, festival pit? Absolutely not. Brisbane punks DZ Deathrays 2018 offering ‘Like People’ is quite possibly their most accomplished effort to date. The accompanying video stars Murray Cook aka The Red Wiggle which is a pretty foolproof recipe for success.

Watch: DZ Deathrays – Like People

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5. Skegss – Up In The Clouds


Capping off the top 5 is Byron Bay loose units Skegss. I don’t think it’s unfair to say that Skegss have ushered in a new subculture of Australian music fans. You’re almost guaranteed to encounter multiple festival punters rocking lookalike haircuts and speed-dealer sunnies just fanging to see the surf-punk legends in action.

Their music strikes a chord in the misfit hearts of music fans everywhere. Their track ‘Up In The Clouds’ has amassed over 4 million streams on Spotify. An LP pressing of their 2017 EP Holiday Food, is currently being flogged for a whopping $400 – if that isn’t a testament to how much this band means to Australian music fans, I don’t know what is.

Watch: Skegss – Up In The Clouds

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To check out the full list of Hottest 100 predictions, head to Warm Tunas website now.