When Byron Bay garage rock trio Skegss released the video for their My Own Mess debut album track, Paradise, from the surface, Nick Chalmer’s animation seemed all Toohey’s Draught and snags on the barbie. However, those who saw past the intentionally goofy animation and Australian fine dining would’ve noticed the various hidden easter eggs throughout the playful music video.

The concept of the video is best summed up by Nick Chalmer himself:

“My concept for the video was to work with each band member’s idea of paradise.  Benny wanted to be hanging in space drinking tea and eating scotch fingers.  Jonny wanted to be hanging with his dog and Toby wanted to be driving his Subaru Brumby with cocktail in hand.’’.

  • Michael Jackson’s Thriller

Michael Jackson’s 14-minute short film ‘Thriller’ revolutionised the music video genre forever, and Skegss mirror the opening animated title in Paradise.

Michael Jackson's Thriller


  • ‘Never Ending Story’

The moment Bastian opened that book in his school attic unveiled a world of creatures that still haunt us to this day. Remember that epic scene from The Never Ending Story where Bastian rides that Gizmo looking dragon? Skegss recreates this cinematic phenomenon through the band’s drummer, Jonny, riding an animation of his actual dog, Keith.

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skegss dragon

  • Dumb Punts t-shirt

A face covered by a magazine lays reading on a sun bed, to be later revealed that it’s Skegss drummer, Jonny, wearing a Dumb Punts t-shirt. Jonny struts the merch throughout the entirety of the music video, an Australian band Skegss are friends with.  

dumb punts
  • Coffee and Cigarettes

Benny himself is seen having the perfect Skegss brekky: hanging in space with an alien, drinking tea and eating scotch fingers. It’s also a homage of sorts to Jim Jarmusch’s black and white film, ‘Coffee & Cigarette’s’. 


coffee and cigarettes

coffee and cigarettes skegss
  • The ghost prawn.

A prawn appears half way through the clip on the BBQ. How did this prawn get here? We have so many questions.  

sausages on bbq

sausages and shrimp

  • Pist Idiots t-shirt appearance

A short, but sweet reference. As bass guitarist Toby drive his Subaru with a cocktail in hand, we get a glimpse of him wearing a Pist Idiot’s t-shirt. The band, Pist Idiots, are also not a stranger to supporting Skegss at their gigs. 

skegss pist idiots