Rush’s Geddy Lee has taken time to reflect on his past life as a bassist for one of the most acclaimed prog-rock bands of all time.

Having been inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame back in 2013, Rush’s legacy is well known. A cult favourite for close to 50 years, there are few bands who can boast the fact that all of their members have been recognised by Rolling Stone as one of the 100 best guitarists, bassists, and drummers of all time.

In 2015, it was announced by drummer Neil Peart that he was getting ready to retire from touring, then a press release from the group stated that their upcoming R40 US tour was to be “their last major tour of this magnitude.”

Sadly, we’ve now had confirmation from the group that they’ve called it quits, with guitarist Alex Lifeson noting the band are “basically done”, and bassist Geddy Lee explaining that Peart had not “just retired from Rush; he’s retired from drumming.”

Of course, while fans are still hoping for some good news to come their way, Geddy Lee has taken some time to reflect on his time in the band.

Check out Geddy Lee’s conversation with Cool Cleveland:

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Currently on a book tour, Lee spoke to Cool Cleveland (via Blabbermouth) about the secret to Rush’s longevity and the relationship between the group’s members.

“We had a good run — over 42 years,” Lee began. “And it’s a testament to the people in the band. We’re all good friends and we all respect each other as players. And we know how to make each other laugh, and that’s probably the most important thing.”

“There’s no plans to reform at this point,” he confirmed about the band’s future. “And the future is a wide-open question mark. So, who knows? And I’m really enjoying not knowing where I’m headed.”

Back in December, Geddy Lee also revealed that despite the band’s conclusion, he still remains close friends with his former bandmates.

“We’re all still total pals,” Lee explained. “In fact, Alex and I were there just a few weeks ago visiting [Neil Peart], and we stay in touch. And, of course, Alex lives very near to me, so we’re constantly going out to dinner, ’cause he loves to drink everything in my wine cellar.”

“We’re still pals, and we all talk, but that period of our life is done.”

Check out Rush’s ‘YYZ’:

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