A bigot on the streets of New York heckles Sam Smith following their Grammy performance, calling them a “demonic bastard and pedophile.”

Sam Smith and Petras’ Grammy performance of ‘Unholy’ has stirred the right-wing media machine of America. It has kicked into full gear as a slew of fascist talking heads have taken to Twitter to decry the perceived opposition of “satanic behaviour,” which Republicans signal to as a threat against Christian nationalism.

To Christofascists, the performance serves as another excuse to harass and oppress ideologies that oppose their own. Right-wing commentators and politicians such as Tucker Carlson, Matt Walsh, Ted Cruz, Liz Wheeler, and a host of others were quick to appeal to their Christian base following the performance by Smith and Petras. This served as an amplifier and agitator for those listening to them who took the hateful rhetoric onto the streets, where one woman began calling Sam Smith “demonic” and told them to “keep away from the children.”

“Sam Smith gets called “demonic, bastard and pedophile” in the streets of New York by an elderly woman, following their Grammy performance.”

This comes roughly a week following the performance and the right-wing outburst that ensued in its wake. Of course, this is an everyday occurrence in the United States and many other countries where the LGBTQ community faces oppression. Only a few days ago, the murder of Brianna Ghey, a trans teenager, was reported by the Warrington Police.

Ghey was 16 at the time of her death. A 15-year-old cishet boy and 15-year-old cishet girl have been taken into custody on the suspicion of her murder. Despite years of documented bullying against Ghey, the Warrington police have ruled out the possibility of a hate crime.

“you didn’t think it was important to mention that she was transgender or that this was a hate crime.?”

“but nah they just want to stir up violence against us and then cover it up when it’s actually carried out. sickening”

“”the police said it’s not a hate crime” and you believe them? she was being bullied for years what do you think for. grow up and learn to make context based determinations outside of what the police tell you, muting this”

The same rhetoric that caused a celebrity such as Sam Smith to be heckled on the street also agitates people to carry out violent acts such as the murder of Brianna Ghey.

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