The former Skid Row singer took to Twitter to thank President Biden for opening up more of the United States as restrictions ease.

As the country ramps up its vaccination target, it seems like the benefactors aside from the immunised population want to make their voice heard. Specifically, musicians who have battled cancelled tours and shows int the wake of the pandemic.

Bach took to Twitter and shared an NBC News article about a Florida concert promoter who charged $18 for the vaccinated population while those who do not receive the vaccine could expect to pay $1000.  Paul Williams of Tamp Bay came up with the idea, and that’s certainly an incentive if you don’t want to pay scalper prices.

“18 + life you got it. Thank you beyond words to @POTUS @JoeBiden for giving us back ROCK N’ ROLL. Never has a #vote for #science meant more”.

As for the vaccination rate, it’s already over half the population, as reported in US News.

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“Now 51% of America adults have been fully vaccinated, 75% of seniors are fully vaccinated, leaving nobody behind,” Biden said on Friday afternoon. “Black, white, Hispanic — across the board, they’ve been getting their vaccinations,” he said.

Infectious diseases expert Anthony Fauci has said 70-85% of Americans would need to be vaccinated to reach herd immunity.

Already a fan celebrated getting her first dose, and told Bach that she could not wait to get out and start rocking again.

“Right on that is great news the world is coming back thanks to vaccines horrible to think about what life would be like without them but we don’t have to think about that because #scienceknows thanks to those in charge who made it happen and we will see you at the show,” he replied.

Speaking of rocking, he continued on Twitter by listing every Twisted Sister song on twitter with the “rock and roll” phrase, and so far it’s a high count.

That is one way to own Dee Snider!

You can read more about this topic over at the Metal Observer.

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