It probably goes without saying that the Yamaha YH-E700A wireless headphones are some of the best cans in the game, but when a hip-hop icon like Seth Sentry puts his support behind them, you know they’re coming highly recommended.

With a career in hip-hop spanning close to two decades, and a more nascent career in Twitch streaming, it goes without saying that Seth Sentry is someone who needs to ensure that the equipment he uses to listen to audio is the best that it possibly can be.

Whether it be fine-tuning some of the best additions to the Aussie hip-hop catalogue we’ve ever heard, or ensuring that his audio quality is top-shelf when he’s streaming to his legions of fans, a sublime headphone and audio experience is of the utmost importance to someone like Seth.

Now, in a new video, Seth Sentry has highlighted the importance of high quality audio in his life, and how the Yamaha YH-E700A wireless headphones are exactly what a creative of his caliber needs.

“Music’s my whole life. Everything is music,” Seth explains. “I don’t really ever not have a pair of headphones in my ears, maybe in the shower, but I’m working on it.”

“With my job being both music and Twitch streaming, I wear headphones 24/7,” he continues. “So they’ve gotta be comfortable. They’ve got to fit right. They’re going to not get too sweaty, and they’ve just got to sound dope. And the Yamahas tick all those boxes.”

Check out Seth Sentry discussing the Yamaha YH-E700A wireless headphones:

It’s easy to see why it is that the Yamaha YH-E700A wireless headphones are exactly the right fit for an artist like Seth Sentry.

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As Yamaha explains, the YH-E700As feature a massive array of features, including stunning true sound, advanced active noise cancelling, ambient sound, listening optimisation, and more.

Additionally, the YH-E700As also come with a headphones controller app, call function, voice assistance thanks to Siri/Google Assistant, and a continuous playback time of 34 hours, meaning they’re some of the most powerful cans available.

Plus, add in the fact that they not only look sleek and powerful, and the YH-E700As aren’t just an example of technical proficiency, but a sharp aesthetic achievement as well.

“Now, like, listening to music with the sound quality, the modern technology, it’s just so different to what we used to have,” Seth Sentry explains. “And if you ever go back and listen to an old pair of headphones, you know, those old foam joints with like the, basically the wire coat-hanger things… yeah, you can’t go back.

“I like my music loud, that makes me feel good, but sometimes I also need to be able to like, make out little details.”

Check out Seth Sentry singing the praises of the Yamaha YH-E700A wireless headphones above, and for more information on all the functionalities and features of the headphones, be sure to check out their product page on the official Yamaha website.

Check out the Yamaha YH-E700A wireless headphones:

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