Johnny Rotten is known for being quite outspoken and now he’s going around telling folks about the flea bite he’s got on his “willy.”

The Sex Pistols frontman has made a habit of speaking his mind, most recently causing a bit a stir when he loudly supported Trump in the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

But now Johnny Rotten has a new thing to loudly complain about that’s got nothing to do with politics and everything to do with, uh, a flea bite on his “willy.”

I wish I was joking but I’m not.

According to the NZ Herald, Rotten says he was rescuing some squirrels and they repaid him by giving him fleas. These fleas went on to, ahem, munch on his gentleman’s vegetable because, well, that’s what fleas do.

To quote Johnny Rotten himself about this whole thing: “I looked down there this morning at my willy and there’s a fucking flea bite on it.

Thanks for that image, mate.

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To the Sex Pistols frontman’s credit, he didn’t blame the squirrels for his predicament and all the itching that came along with it.

“The bites, wow, last night was murder because of it,” says Rotten. “The itching too. It’s such a poxy thing to get caught out on. The only way around it, because I’m not going to blame the poor little squirrels, is to Vaseline my legs.”

And despite this whole “fleas bit my willy” debacle, Rotten seems more than happy to keep befriending flea-ridden squirrels.

“I’m determined to keep my squirrel friends independent, y’know. There’s no petting. If they want to nudge up that’s fine, but I know it’s for a peanut and not because I’m lovely,” he wrote in his book I Could Be Wrong, I Could Be Right.

“Wow, do they love me for [the food I buy for them]. I’m definitely spending a lot of money on these little fuckers.”

Well good onya, Johnny.

Check out the Sex Pistols’ ‘Anarchy In The UK’:

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