As we recently covered, it’s something of a double-edged sword being Shannon Noll. Sure, you’re a national hero and everyone agrees you were robbed in the first season of Australian Idol, but you also can’t hold a gig without being relentlessly trolled.

That’s why we think it’s time to show a little sympathy towards the one known as Nollsy, show him that we still love him and that we really do care. As luck would have it, a new grassroots campaign has popped up on the internet and it could be just the ticket.

It’s been a while since the ‘What About Me?’ hit-maker has graced the stage of a major Australian music festival, but one Nollsy fanatic is hoping to rectify that with a petition to get the Condoblin native on the lineup for this year’s Groovin The Moo.

After acknowledging Nollsy’s 2003 Idol loss to Guy Sebastian as a national tragedy, campaign founder Ethan Adams-Norris writes that he wishes to make things right by thrusting the singer back in the spotlight and onto the stage at Australia’s finest regional music festival.

“Title says it all,” he writes. “We all know that Australian Idol 2003 was a total rip off. Mr Noll should of won, and it’s a national tradgey that he didn’t. I think it’s time for his comeback and what better time to start then at Groovin the Moo 2016.”

“So show your love and lets get Shannon Noll back into the limelight of not only the Australian music industry but the International Music Industry. TLDR: Shannon Noll for GTM 2016.” Readers can find the campaign page over here.

In the wake of the campaign launch, a ‘Get Shannon Noll To Groovin The Moo’ Facebook page has also popped up and is currently sitting at just under 4,000 supporters and the petition is doing likewise, with just 1,085 more needed to reach 5,000.

What’s more, Nollsy himself is fully on board and would be down to play the gig if organisers do the right thing. Responding to fans on Twitter, the man of the people said “it would be heaps of fun” to do the GTM tour, which he described as “a great gig to be on”.

The dates for Groovin The Moo were announced back in November and the lineup is expected to drop on Thursday, 28th January, which means organisers have less than a month to show Nollsy the money. In the meantime enjoy this classic cut from the greatest Idol winner we never had.