Band beefs can get pretty nasty, but today’s news may bring them to a new all-time low.

Noisecreep today reports that former singer of the masked LA rap rock outfit, Hollywood Undead, was the victim of a vicious assault, by his own former bandmates.

Ex-frontman Deuce, or Aron Erlichman to his mum, claims that his ex-bandmates attacked him out of jealousy of his recently launched solo career. Following months of threats targeted at the vocalist following his decision to quit the band a few months earlier.

Performing at a local club – Angels & Kings in downtown Hollywood – for a solo gig,  Deuce claims his attackers were “lying in wait” outside the club, ready to ambush him when he exited the venue. They jumped Deuce and a friend, who was injured in defense, as they proceeded to attack Deuce.

Deuce indicated members of Hollywood Undead as the culprits, specifically Funny Man (aka Dylan Alvarez, voclas) and J-Dog (aka multi-instrumentalist, Jorel Decker). Deuce also claims that the assault was filmed, suggesting it was premeditated.

TMZ also reports that Deuce has hired a legal representative to sue Funny Man and J Dog in a police court over an assault that left him badly injured as a result of being punched, kicked and stomped.

The assault comes after a two-year long dispute between Deuce and Hollywood Undead after the singer began bowing out of touring commitments, his official departure from the group came with the release of his debut solo album, Nine Lives, last April.

Police are currently investigating Deuce’s allegations while J-Dog and Funny Man have not officially responded to Deuce’s claims.