Melbourne artist SKŸE has just delivered the best track to help you end a rough week, with the soaring ‘Love Like That’ arriving earlier today.

Undoubtedly set to be your new favourite artist, SKŸE has been creating music for a number of years now, with a tendency to create some of the most powerful, emotional compositions you’ll find anywhere.

Now, listeners are able to hear the latest track from SKŸE, with ‘Love Like That’ arriving this morning. Co-written by Andy Hopkins (Hauskey) and Bri Clark, produced and mixed by Hopkins, and mastered by Stuart Hawkes at Metropolis in London, it’s been helped along with some talents hands, though SKŸE’s soul-baring voice helps to drive the theme of unrequited love directly into your heart.

“‘Love Like That’ is a song about unrequited love,” SKŸE explains. “Wishing you had a love that was open and expressed freely but having it end up as the secret.

“I want to touch on these things whilst creating a safe space within my audience. Highlighting the diversity in sexualities and identities and the complexities that sometimes come with love.”

The driving force of ‘Love Like That’ is undoubtedly SKŸE’s transcendent voice, which not only steals the show, but helps to set his music apart from everyone else thanks to the mesmerising quality it shows.

“I think it came getting attached to my younger vocals being higher, so naturally I gravitated to what I sounded like,” he explains. “And then when my voice broke, I tried listening to male artists and replicating that, but it wasn’t as satisfying as belting high notes so I worked my way back up to that more feminine sound. Creating a slightly androgynous tone.”

While SKŸE is already acclaimed for his stellar songwriting and immersive performances, fans can expect to hear plenty more in the near future, with the artist recently securing a coveted publishing deal with Universal Music.

In the meantime, check out ‘Love Like That’ and stay tuned for more to come from this exceptional artist.

Check out ‘Love Like That’ by SKŸE: