FOMO is real, it’s a scientifically proven feeling which haunts us every time our friends go on holiday and proceed to data dump photos of white sandy coastlines and clinking Mai Tai boomerangs all over our laptop screen-lit faces.

No Susan, we don’t want to engage in another office kitchen conversation about the fjords of Norway, or the cherry blossoms of Japan, or the stupid bloody crystal clear waters of Croatia.

But what if we told you you didn’t have to be miserable sods like us, and you could actually look forward to those chats with Susan around the communal kettle?

It’s true, the headline gave it all away, but let’s delve into it a little deeper. Usually there’s a catch with these things – the last time we gave away 2,000 buckaroos we asked you to fill out a survey – this is much easier.

Simply sign up with your details below and you’re in the draw to win a $2,000 Flight Centre voucher.

Go on, stuff Bali for New Year’s, start planning your well deserved trip to the Maldives.

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