Slipknot fans can expect some more music in the near future, with the band’s percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan revealing there are a bunch of album outtakes on the way.

Back in early 2008, Slipknot hit the studio to record their fourth album, All Hope Is Gone. Their final record to feature founding bassist Paul Gray, the album was a massive success for the group, though it wasn’t without some tensions behind the scenes.

During an interview last year, Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan revealed that he hit up another studio with Slipknot’s Jim Root, Corey Taylor and Sid Wilson during the recording of the new album to let off steam by working on a seperate project.

“There’s a collection of songs that were recorded, 11 I think,” Clown explained. “I’ve held on to them for 10 years because it hasn’t been right, and I’m going to let you know now that it’s feeling right.

“Is it Slipknot? No, it’s not Slipknot. Is it four members of Slipknot? Yes. It’s four members of Slipknot. Is it music being written at the same time as All Hope Is Gone? Absolutely.”

While one of these songs – ‘Til We Die’ – appeared on a special edition of the album, the rest have gone unheard since then.

“Jim would write guitar then go down and play guitar on the album, then come up and finish playing guitar on the song,” Clown continued. “That’s how we’d kill time during those four months.”

Check out ‘Til We Die’ by Slipknot:

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Now, it appears as though the time is feeling right to finally unleash these tracks, with Clown telling Loudwire that the band are getting ready share the songs with their fans.

“We have a whole other album that four of us wrote when we did All Hope Is Gone,” Clown reiterated. “We have 11 songs that we’re gonna release sometime in this album cycle.

“But it’s never been about just getting it out. It needs to be out when it’s right and by coming out during this album cycle people will even understand more what we’re doing on this album and what first led to it.”

While it remains to be seen just when the tunes will officially be released, it definitely sounds as though Slipknot won’t be keeping their fans waiting for longer than they have to.

In related news, Slipknot recently dropped their new album – We Are Not Your Kind – just last month. The band are also set to hit up Australian shores later this year, when they accompany Metallica on the long-awaited Aussie leg of their WorldWired tour.

Check out Slipknot’s ‘Solway Firth’:

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Metallica’s WorldWired Australia Tour 2019

With special guests Slipknot

Thursday, October 17th
Optus Stadium, Perth, WA

Sunday, October 20th
Adelaide Oval, Adelaide, SA

Tuesday October 22nd (Sold Out)
Marvel Stadium, Melbourne, VIC

Thursday October 24th
Marvel Stadium, Melbourne, VIC

Saturday October 26th
ANZ Stadium, Sydney, NSW

Tuesday, October 29th
QSAC, Brisbane, QLD

Thursday, October 31st (Sold Out)
Mt. Smart Stadium, Auckland, NZ

Saturday, November 2nd 
Mt. Smart Stadium, Auckland, NZ

Tickets available through Live Nation