‘Unsainted’ seems to be the cover of choice when it comes to covering Slipknot, and now another incredible cover has surfaced from YouTube channel M Drako.

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen Slipknot covered by a talented young girl on an instrument, and today has simply shattered that dry spell by gifting us with a killer violin cover of ‘Unsainted’ that has just surfaced on YouTube.

M Drako is quite the violinist, and her channel features an absolutely delightful range of metal covers of songs from bands like Lamb of God, Avenged Sevenfold and more. Now, she’s added Slipknot to the mix with her cover of ‘Unsainted.’

Have you ever heard ‘Unsainted’ sound so graceful and delicate? M Drako is just something else.

I mean who would have even thought of covering a metal song on violin.

In August, a killer young drummer covered Slipknot’s ‘Unsainted’ as well.

Here’s what we had to say about the amazing performance:

It’s safe to say that nobody was as cool as Maren Alford when they were fourteen. Alford is one beast of a drummer, and at such a young age too, it really just makes us feel underaccomplished. Just recently the drumming prodigy released her cover of ‘Unsainted’ by Slipknot.

And apparently, she’s in a band as well. Alford is the drummer for the pop-rock female trio Not Ur Girlfrenz. Apparently she’s a mini Jay Weinberg, too, as she’s able to imitate his drumming on the absolutely monstrous We Are Not Your Kind track.

“Jay Weinberg is one of my favorite drummers, and I’m excited to cover one of his songs — the moment I heard Slipknot ‘Unsainted’ I knew this was the one! Very proud to be in the SJC Drums artist family with Jay!” Alford writes in the description of the video.

You can watch the cover below.