The Slipknot frontman also name-dropped Ho99o9 as a band to get around.

A new interview with the BBC Radio 6’s Mary Anne Hobbs got Slipknot’s Corey Taylor sussing out the bands he deems as the new leaders of metal, as well as reflecting on the groups who have struck him as great over the last decade.

“I think the underground is always going to be healthy,” Taylor said, when asked about the current state of heavy music.

“That’s where the majority of the trend-setters, the cutting edge artists come from. Whether it’s bands like Knocked Loose or…there’s this fantastic band called Ho99o9, which is like hip-hop/metal/electronic/hardcore. They dabble is so many different genres and they’re so good!”

Along with Ho99o9, Taylor dropped Knocked Loose and Code Orange as top recommendations, as well as Royal Blood.

“If you wanted to get into the darker-edged stuff, Code Orange is fantastic. Knocked Loose, their new album is sick. Their new one is insane. It’s incredible.”

Watch: Ho99o9 ‘Mega City Nine’

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“We’ve always tried to be a band that promotes the next generation, you know?” he continued.

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“That’s how this genre stays alive, is by foisting the next batch, basically. The new headliners, the future headliners. The ones who are going to be massive. We’ve always tried to do that, whether it was with Mudvayne or Hatebreed, or doing tours with Disturbed or doing this tour with Behemoth. Those are the bands that we’re trying to impress on a new generation to keep this thing at the level at it is. Let’s face it, it’s the fans who keep this music here. Not the airplay.”

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