We all know that Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan is a victim of sucking on his own exhaust for far too long. Hell, we’re not too sure we’d be much better off if we came out of the hangover that was the nineties and realised we’d been with Courtney Love.

But whatever the reason for his behaviour his latest musing is by far the craziest thing he’s come up with, yes, even crazier than starting a pro-wrestling organisation.

In a recent interview with Stereogum, Corgan opened up about the Pumpkins new record and mused that it was so good some people were telling him to drop the Smashing Pumpkins name, a move that he appears to share.

“Some people who’ve known me a long time, people like 20+ years, people in the music business, people who’ve been around during the making of other albums, they’ve basically patted me on the back and said, ‘You’ve actually done it. You got off Planet Pumpkin onto something else,'” he said.

“What’s so funny about it — I haven’t told anybody this, you seem like a nice person so I’ll tell you,” he continued. “The reaction to the record is so strong that people have said, OK, now’s the time to change the name.”

“Yep. ‘Now’s the time to change the name ‘cause now you can be the victor of the whole thing. You can stand away from the Pumpkin and you have the record to prove it and you have the band to prove it and you guys can create your own legacy.’”

But according to Corgan not everyone in the band agrees with him. “Everybody in the band says, ‘No… We’re the Smashing Pumpkins.’ It’s hard to explain that mentality but there’s a real pride.”

But Corgan does want Corgan wants; after all, it is his band. Not one original member besides himself remains in the band so he can call it whatever he choses. Billy Corgan and the Siamese Spaceboys anyone?