In terms of drawing inspiration from her surroundings, Rachel By The Stream is encircled with an excess of stimulation. Touching on a unique blend of jazz, indie pop and electronic, Smooth Like Butter leaves no stone unturned in her quest to cover each item from her creative arsenal.

Each track on the five song EP leaves listeners carefully dissecting the instrumental make-up, brought on by the songwriters insatiable desire to mix unconventional melodies, such as the unique blend folk infused guitar playing with a touch of turntablism in the back end of opening track, ‘Call It Love’.

Jazz influence is rampant through the EP, and demonstrated in bassline fuelling addition, ‘That’s For Sure’.

The track showcases the skills as a songwriter of many styles, whether it is a jazz lounge number or a modern spin on a folk tune.

Continuing on with her experimentation, ‘Body And Soul’ introduces another folk/pop influenced piece, also touching on some subtle electronic splashes and vocal manipulation, pulling off another modern twist on a commonly unsophisticated genre.

The electronic introduction for concluding track ‘Sunshine Moonlight’ demonstrates Rachel By The Stream’s goal to be a totally distinctive talent.

Still maintaining her pop/folk vocal arrangements, the track replaces the bright strums of an acoustic guitar with a balanced electronic rhythm, with the occasional interruption of some cascading acoustic percussion.

The EP is one of many examples why Rachel By The Stream is one artist to add to your musical repertoire.

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