Snoop Dogg has entered the chat… or more like the breakfast cereal range by launching his latest, Snoop Loopz. 

It’s nothing new for rappers to venture into fields other than rapping. Some launch high-end fashion lines, others are selling 24-carat-gold sex toys. Not one to be outdone, Snoop Dogg has his own venture for you – and you can enjoy it right at your dining table. Yep, Snoop Dogg has launched his own breakfast cereal titled Snoop Loopz. 

The cereal is part of his latest undertaking, Broadus Foods, and launched together with Master P. The latter made the announcement on Twitter, saying: “MORE Corn, MORE Flavor & MORE Marshmallows that’s what separates us from the Rest. If you like Fruit Loops then you will LOVE SnoopLoopz!!” 

Snoop has never made a secret of his love for cooking and cooking shows, so it’s not too much of a surprise that he’s decided to make it a business. 

“I like watching a lot of cooking shows. I watch The Cooking Channel. I watch a lot of the competition shows. I’m just a foodie. I don’t look like it, but I am. I love different styles of food, different cultures and different tastes. So I do a lot of studying, which I know people don’t believe, but that’s how I was able to put a cookbook together.” he told InsideHook recently

Perhaps his most famous collaboration – and the most unlikely – in the world of the culinary arts, at least, has been with Martha Stewart. Calling each other ‘best friends’, the two also have their own show where they invite celebrities for some food and fun. Snoop credits his love for food as one of the reasons he came to know Stewart in the first place. 

“That’s how I was able to work with Martha Stewart for so many years on television and to pick up some tricks and trades from her, and even teach her a few things as well, which shocked both me and her.” he told InsideHook

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So, are you having some Snoop Loopz for breakfast now? 

Check out Snoop Dogg’s announcement of his cereal range:

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