One of Australia’s finest indie exports, Sodastream, have returned from their 10 year hiatus with their new track ‘Three Sins’. The Perth duo, acclaimed for their intricate instrumentation and sweet, wavering melodies, broke up in 2007 following the release of their fourth album Reservations. Reuniting in 2013, the group are set to release their fifth album, Little By Little, in February of next year.

The first taste ‘Three Sins’, was originally written for their last album Reservations, but ultimately didn’t make the cut. It features the trademark Sodastream sense of humour, mixed in with a Wilco-esque vocal delivery, and a confronting set of lyrics, namely based around sympathy for social pariahs.

While we are yet to see any tour dates to accompany the release of ‘Three Sins’ or the upcoming Little By Little album, we can only hope that when Sodastream bring their music to us, they’ll be back in the form that we knew and loved them in back in the day.

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