If you’re a DJ and always dreamed of making a pittance from streams on Spotify like other musicians, it seems like it’s about to be your time. 

As per Resident Advisor, Spotify launched a new section for DJ mixes in the first week of October. It will provide one integrated place where artists can seamlessly create and connect with their audiences.

They launched the section with new mixes by artists such as Adam Beyer and Noisia, alongside existing mix content already within the streaming platform’s catalogue.

“Dance and electronic music fans have long enjoyed custom mixes from their favourite DJs as a signature listening experience exclusive to the genre,” Spotify shared in a statement. “Today, DJs in eight markets around the world are sharing their own mixed-music content, in addition to high-quality compilations directly on Spotify through its newDJ Mixes, which the company is beginning to test out.”

The eight markets mentioned in the statement are the U.K., Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Indonesia, Philippines, and Japan. This is expected to be expanded in the near future.

Apple Music also just introduced new technology to monetise DJ mixes. The development of a potential new revenue stream for creatives comes when Spotify is once again under scrutiny for how it treats artists.

A recent U.K. study discovered that a mere 0.4% of artists are able to make a living from streaming alone, having to find other ways to get income. The study estimated that 1,723 musicians rely solely on streaming income.

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In her analysis of the study, Cherie Hu stated that this translates to around £2,200 to £3,700 per month in income. Another interesting finding was that 65% to 75% of streams for the top 0.4% of artists come from their back catalogue and not from new releases.

For more on this topic, follow the Electronic Observer.

Check out the new Spotify DJ mixes below: