Steel Panther’s drummer is angling for free tickets to the upcoming Mötley Crüe reunion, holding the group’s guitarist to a promise from five years ago.

Early last week, the world of music was shocked to learn that hedonistic hard-rock icons Mötley Crüe were getting back together.

Of course, with so many reunions taking place it would be easy to write this one off as just another addition to a steadily-growing list.

So why is this one special? Well, likely because of the fact the group were so adamant about their split that they even signed a “cessation of touring agreement” to legally bind them from ever touring again.

With a stadium tour alongside the likes of Poison and Def Leppard reportedly on the way, some fans have begun to claim they knew such an event would take place, including Steel Panther frontman Michael Starr, who told The Front Row Report that he “knew” the rockers would one day get back together.

“I knew it was coming, I knew right when they signed it six years ago that this was going to happen down the road,” he explained. “It’s just the way it is: they’re too iconic of a band just to go away and never play again.

“Even when I heard the news [years ago], I was, like, ‘Really? Don’t do that. That sucks. I would understand taking a break, but…’

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“I don’t know if people realise this, but Mötley Crüe retired and we kept going,” he added. “We’re not stopping trying to bring heavy metal back and now, look, they’re back…

“I’m not gonna say it’s because of us, I’m just saying that we… Fuck, yeah, it’s because of us! We’re bringing heavy metal back.”

Now though, Steel Panther drummer Stix Zadinia has attempted to get some free tickets to the upcoming tour, attempting to hold Mötley Crüe guitarist Mick Mars to a promise made back in 2014.

As Blabbermouth points out, Zadinia took to Twitter yesterday to jog Mars’ memory to a promise made on That Metal Show back in 2014, offering free tickets in the event of a reunion.

“Let me put it this way: If that happens, I will invite the world to come for free,” Mars stated in a resurfaced clip.

Now, Zadinia is apparently trying to hold Mick Mars to his promise, reaching out to the guitarist with a tongue-in-cheek post on Twitter.

“Seriously, Mick Mars offered free tickets to the world. Mick, can you put Steel Panther on the list?” he requested.

“What time do you start? Where do I go? Will call? Do I get to see you before the show? Wanna go out afterwards? My friend has a strip bar near the venue!!!!!”

While Mick Mars hasn’t responded to his five-year-old promise, it still remains to be seen when exactly the great Mötley Crüe will play the first date of their reunion. Of course, if Mars holds up his end of the bargain, we’re looking forward to receiving our free ticket in the near future.

However, if you’re hoping to see Steel Panther supporting the Crüe any time soon, you’re likely going to be left waiting.

After Starr recently claimed he would “bring back [a very much alive] Vince Neil” from the dead (later clarifying he would “bring back the Vince Neil from back in the day because that guy is dead”), Neil responded by claiming that Starr “can go fuck himself”, seemingly closing the book on any chances of a support slot.

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