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Steve Albini is selling three microphones used to record ‘In Utero’

Teenage angst has paid off well.

kurt cobain

Three microphones that were used to record Nirvana’s brilliant In Utero are being auctioned off by producer Steve Albini.

“These microphones were brought with me and used on the Nirvana ‘In Utero’ record and they were immortalised in a photograph that appeared in a (20th) anniversary reissue of the album,’Albini explains in an auction video.

“Since that photograph came out, these microphones have become historical artefacts. As soon as I was aware that these things have become important and significant and valuable, I had to take them out of circulation in the studio.

“I contacted the surviving members of Nirvana: Dave Grohl, who was with Pat Smear when I contacted him, and Krist Novoselic. Both of them instantly said, ‘Well you should sell them.’

“I feel like I should sell them and get them into the hands of somebody who would take care of them, and not put them at risk in the hectic environment of a recording studio.”

You can bid for the mics here.