This video of a Steve Lacy concert exposing TikToker’s shallow knowledge of his song Bad Habit is going viral on Twitter.

Bay area artist Steve Lacy has been a staple in the alternative and R&B scene for years. Now, he is reaching new heights of popularity as audio samples from his songs such as Bad Habit surge on the charts thanks to the massive amount of usage on TikTok. The song Bad Habit specifically has reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100, behind Harry Styles’ As It Was, which also went viral on TikTok.

Lacy’s single, from his 2022 album, Gemini Rights, has been included in over 470,000 videos on TikTok, a platform that encourages songs to produce sound-bites that will go viral.

The Tweet in question shows a crowd full of people at a concert in Steve Lacy’s current 2022 tour. For those who don’t go or aren’t able to go to concerts, it’s common for the artist to stop singing at certain parts of songs such as hooks and other impactful moments to give the crowd a chance to show just how well they know the artist’s lyrics.

The problem with the clip is that many of the fans only know Steve Lacy through TikTok, where the hook for Bad Habit blew up. This was showcased when the crowd went nearly dead silent as the sound bite passed.

Lacy asked the crowd why they stopped singing and held out the mic once more to once again receive a less-than-desirable response. The N Side artist laughed it off and continued as the clip ended, handling the situation as best he could.

“Tiktok is insane because why would you go to a whole concert solely for a hook???”

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“Nah this is actually so crazy. So you’re telling me you woke up early to queue for tickets online, spent your (parents’) money, got your outfit, travelled to the show… and in between all of that time you didn’t learn one other word of the song than the HOOK? THE AUDACITY!”

“Tiktok people when the viral sound has a verse play after the hook”

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