Bring Me The Horizon have snuck in one last release for 2019, yesterday dropping a surprise EP on all platforms – with possibly the longest title you’ll ever read.

Titled Music to listen to~dance to~blaze to~pray to~feed to~sleep to~talk to~grind to~trip to~breathe to~help to~hurt to~scroll to~roll to~love to~hate to~learn Too~plot to~play to~be to~feel to~breed to~sweat to~dream to~hide to~live to~die to~GO TO *pants*, the release is eight tracks that are bloated with guests from the pop world.

With the likes of Bexey, Yonaka, Happyalone, Toriel, Lotus Eater, and Halsey (!) jumping on board, it’s no surprise that the record is heavily based around electronic pop, a sound that the band leaned into heavily with January’s LP Amo.

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Despite bearing the title of EP, the track Underground Big {HEADFULOFHYENA} blows out to over 24-minutes, so you’ve got yourself essentially an LP length release to tide you over for the new year.

Given the band have said that they might never release another LP, we should enjoy every new collection of songs that arrive.

Check out the collab with Halsey below, or head to your usual streaming app for yet another fix of one of music’s most divisive bands.