Rising indie sensation Sydney Sprague has released her own rendition of Middle Kids’ Edge Of Town’ and it is simply gorgeous.

U.S. indie rocker Sydney Sprague‘s last few singles were bombastic bangers that featured unexpectedly introspective lyrics, so it was a pleasant contrast to see her go down the softer sound route with her cover of Middle Kids’ ‘Edge Of Town‘.

‘Edge Of Town’ was already a pleasant slice of soft guitar pop from the popular trio from Sydney, but Sprague takes things to an even prettier place with her rendition of Middle Kids‘ hit song.

This song has become something of a staple in Sprague’s live set over the last few years due to her father being a huge Middle Kids fan and requesting it every time she performs, thus making this cover even more beautiful.

With the release of her ‘Edge Of Town’ cover, it caps off what’s been a pretty big year for Sprague. Having re-released her single ‘i refuse to die’ in early October, she followed that up with a brand new single titled ‘Steve’.

As for Middle Kids, the trio recently released their new single ‘R U 4 Me?’ before embarking on a tour of Sydney, one stop of which was part of the Greatest Southern Nights live concert event put on as part of the state government’s initiative to kickstart the live music scene again.

Sydney covering a song by a band from Sydney. It just seems too perfect to be true and yet it is.

Check out Sydney Sprague covering ‘Edge Of Town’ by Middle Kids: