Earlier this week T-Pain took to TikTok to reveal the fact that he has inadvertently been straight up ignoring seemingly endless celebrities for ages now on Instagram.

In T-Pain’s TikTok, he shows a screen recording of unopened DMs from both mainstream celebrities and other “blue checks” which he innocently reveals he had no idea were even there. Naturally the internet began roasting the ‘Low’ artist, so he decided to clear the whole situation up via an Instagram video, where he says that despite his beard he’s not “a boomer”.

He began, “I feel like I need to clear up some things, I mean obviously I got to clear up something right.”

“I’m 36 years old. I’m not 50, I’m not a boomer. It’s okay, I understand the beard has been here for a long time, you don’t understand how a 17 year old can have a beard. I came in with the beard. I’m gonna leave with the beard. I’m not shaving it so I can look younger for everybody else.”

He continued, “I do have a social media manager, which is literally the only reason I even went back to that request folder. Story was when when the request folder actually first happened, I went there before – I actually knew about it, I went there before and it was just all thousands and thousands of messages just like, ‘my sister’s a bartender, can you follow her on here?’ Immediately I was like ‘Okay, fuck this never going back there again, that’s a wasteland, I’m not clicking that shit ever again.’ And then I hired my social media manager.”

And then a couple days ago he was like, ‘Yo, you have to check your request folder,’ and I was like, I mean I’ve been there before, but it’s just like all corny fucking buy you a drink and bartender jokes I’m not going back in that motherfucker.”

“And he was like, ‘Dude. No it’s not.’ I was like ‘Yeah it is.’ He was like, ‘Wait, when you go in there do you search for all the messages, or just the top messages?’ I was like, ‘Well I didn’t know you can filter.’ And he was like, ‘Next time you get on Instagram, go there and filter it by top messages.’ And just blue checks – holy shit out of fucking everywhere and I’m like no fucking way. All these people got mixed up in the fucking ‘buy you a drink jokes’ and the ‘listen to my demos.'”

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