Teen Top members Niel and Changjo have announced that they will be departing from TOP Media following the expiration of their contracts. 

Teen Top members Niel and Changjo have confirmed that they will be departing from their agency TOP Media following the expiration of their contracts in January 2022. However, as clarified by the agency in a statement, they will still take in promotional activities for the group due to “deep affection and trust” for the group. 

Both members shared news of their departure in personal handwritten letters to their fans. 

Niel – who will release one final solo album before leaving TOP Media – expressed sadness at leaving the company he trained with for 12 years. He also clarified that his departure did not mean the end of Teen Top. 

“There may be some people who think that this means that Teen Top is disbanding, but Teen Top will never disband. I’ve spoken to every single member [of the group], and we all have the same desire and intent to be together as Teen Top forever.” he said. 

“I think I will now be taking on new challenges and a new beginning, and I am still filled with fears over ‘Will I be able to do well?’ Our Angels (the group’s fans), please give me lots of support in my fresh start and new challenges.” 

His sentiments were echoed by Changjo in his own letter: 

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“I will keep spending my days happily together with you, so I hope you don’t feel sad! Because Teen Top will be forever!” he said. “You will be able to see a complete Teen Top once all of our members are discharged from the military, but until then, we are planning to show you the individuality of each member.” 

You can read more about this topic over at the Asia Pop Observer.

Check out ‘Run Away’ by Teen Top:

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