If you’re one of those sick freaks that, like a car crash, can’t stop looking at Tekashi 6ix9ine, this is for you. There’s now a newsletter dedicated to hip hops favourite villain.

The candy-coloured, 69-emblazoned nuisance is one of the most polarising figureheads in pop culture, and although we’d love nothing more than to ignore him, we simply can’t. That’s why we’ve started a newsletter dedicated to all his antics and publicity stunts.

I reckon in five years time he and his cronies will be the subject of a Love & Hip Hop style reality TV series. Until that day comes, we’re dedicated to documenting every one of his bonkers moves. Whether that be another racketeering charge under the belt, a fresh new weave, or a giant dunk on the legacy of Tupac — we got you covered.

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