North America is currently reeling in shock having experienced two perceived terrorist attacks in the same 24-hour period, and is understandable looking everywhere for answers as to how either of the two shooting suspects got onto that path. However, an Ohio was perhaps too quick to point fingers by suggesting Metalcore band Acacia Strain were somehow responsible on account of one of the shooters wearing their merch throughout the Ohio massacre.

US-based Journalist Heath has invoked rhetoric that emerged with the Columbine shooting, where media were quick to lay the blame on Marilyn Manson’s music. In a tweet, Heat identified the merch the shooter was wearing as that of The Acacia Strain, then correctly identified the lyrics from the merch as ones from the 2010 song Ramirez:

“No heart to fear, no soul to steal”

In response, The Acacia Strain frontman was quick to release a statement first covered by Metal Injection, remaining thoughtful of the victims as well as considerate of the confusion and fear that’s in the minds of his countrymen.

Taking to twitter, Vincent Bennett posted, “What happened in Dayton is horrifying. Even more so to know that the shooter was wearing a TAS hoodie is making me sick. There is no excuse for this. Anyone who knows anything knows we don’t condone this behaviour. No one has the right to take another’s life.

We will be taking action to help the families of the victims however we can.”

Occurring in The Dayton, Ohio, the shooting in question was the second of such massacres to take place in the same 24-hour period following the terrorist attack in El Paso which left more than 20 dead. Taking place later in the evening, the Dayton shooting left 9 dead.

The investigations into these attacks are still in their infancy, with many key details, including motive, yet to emerge. It was also reported that Blink 182 were on their day off in Texas, and were locked down in their hotel during the El Paso incident.

It’s unclear if the Acacia Strain will comment further, but we will update if they do. Images of the shooter wearing the merch are circulating social media however until that is proven to be the terrorist, or more appropriate images are shared, we will not be posting the available image.

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