From the very first strum of “Went To See The Gypsy”, it is evident that Another Self Portrait, volume 10 in Bob Dylan’s Bootleg Series, is a beautifully nostalgic reminder of the musical and lyrical genius of one of the greatest singer-songwriters to have ever lived.

It is clear early on that stylistically, this collection is all over the place, and understandably so.

What we hear is a broken man; a man who is desperately trying to discover his true self. Throughout the album we hear shades of country-Dylan from Nashville Skyline as well as stripped back versions of some of his lesser received tracks from Self Portrait and New Morning.

In this glimpse of what could have been, we hit magic, and you find yourself questioning some of the decisions made when releasing the album versions of these songs from 1969 to 1971.

The collection showcases what feels like the songs from Self Portrait if they were recorded during The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan era.

The blend of subtle instrumentation and profound lyrical beauty brings you back to early Dylan and gives you what seems like new music from one of the richest times in musical history.