US rapper The Game has claimed that he is in possession of “timeless” songs that he recorded with 50 Cent prior to their falling out almost 15 years ago.

Back in the mid-’00s, one of the most prominent names in the game was 50 Cent. Having burst onto the mainstream with his 2003 debut, 2005’s The Massacre saw the continued success of his G-Unit record label and associated G-Unit Clothing Company.

During this time, one of 50 Cent’s best-known collaborators was The Game (born Jayceon Taylor), who the former signed to G-Unit back in 2003.

However, by 2005, things had gone south for unknown reasons, with 50 revealing that The Game had been kicked off the label, igniting a feud that would last until 2016 and would involve not just a war of words, but an actual shootout as well.

While the pair seemed to have put aside their differences a few years back, the future of their partnership remains unclear.

However, in a new interview as part of the People’s Party With Talib Kweli podcast, The Game reveals that he would like to work with 50 Cent again, noting the pair could have beaten Jay-Z to becoming the first hip-hop billionaires if they’d never feuded.

Check out The Game talking to People’s Party With Talib Kweli:

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“I would entertain it,” The Game said of a potential reunion. “I would do it for the sake of cats who want to hear it, who want to see it, who relish in that moment that me and 50 had. If me and 50 never had a beef, we might be billionaires by now.

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“Me and him in a studio by ourselves with an engineer was A, B, C, D, E, F, G. He knew what to do, I knew what to do, we put our voices together and that shit made magic.

“I got songs with me and 50 that are still on hard drives at my house that are timeless.”

Touching on the feud that ended their friendship, The Game explained that he feels 50 Cent’s attitude towards him was justified due to his own actions.

“50, he move a little different. Even though he forgives, he don’t forget,” The Game added. “I really fucked up G-Unit clothing, the record company, the whole shit. I put G-Unit in flames. He didn’t like that.”

While there’s been no word from 50 Cent as to whether we may see a reunion with The Game at some point in the future, we do have to wonder just how amazing this “timeless” music might be.

Could it have been a game-changer, or does it still have the power to turn hip-hop on its head? Here’s hoping we’ll one day find out.

Check out ‘Hate It Or Love It’ by The Game featuring 50 Cent:

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