Have you been looking for a brand new playlist to get stuck into? Well, we’ve got one here from NYC band, The Happy Fits.

Five years ago, The Happy Fits didn’t know they were going to be a band. And now they’re keeping the indie pop rock dream alive, recording their third full-length album.

Comprised of three friends Calvin Langman, Ross Monteith, and Luke Davis, they turned their love for The Killers and Violent Femmes into their own compact pop songwriting.

It may have began as a casual summer project, but in 2021 there’s no denying The Happy Fits are beyond that. What’s more is that they’ve got quite the appetite for Aussie music. Read on to find out why their favourite songs made the playlist.

‘Time & Place ‘by The Last Dinosaurs

I remember this popping up on my ‘recommended for you’ on Youtube when I was in middle school and I had this album on repeat for a few years. I played this song so much going into the city for music lessons as the line “Every stare that you see, Everyone that you meet, Every line that you say, Has its time and its place” felt very fitting when riding the subway and seeing so many kooky strangers.

‘Told You So’ by Cub Sport

When I was in middle school, I had no money. I did have small ipod mini knockoff I’d use on the schoolbus every day, and I would get music by downloading indie playlists from random websites on the internet. I found this song and Cub Sport back when they were Cub Scout from one of those playlists. This song was always super comforting to me.

‘Wild Things’ by San Cisco

‘Fred Astaire’ was the original bop I had on repeat from San Cisco, but once ‘Wild Things’ came out I was so in awe of how the soundscape in the song transports you. The wobbliness of the instrumentals and eerie vocals (and sick music video) got me hooked on this song and certainly has inspired me to share my wild side in my songs.

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‘Skin to Bone’ by The Jungle Giants

I love Mr. Polite, but something about this song always makes me want to jump. I’d bike over to the nearest town called Califon around 6 miles away and just blast this album. I’d never sing around my house but when I was travelling 20 miles per hour downhill on my bike nothing would be more fun than screaming the OH Ohs in this song.

‘Baddest Motherfucker in the Beehive’ by The Delta Riggs

This came on my discover weekly years ago and it was so funky I couldn’t not love it. There’s so much spunk. Maybe even too much.

‘FBI ‘by Gee Tee

Our music engineer Craig Almquist from the band Cold Fronts showed us this song and it’s so perfect for working out. I can’t wait to go to a Gee Tee show one day and lose my shit.

‘Bus Money’ by The Chats

We went through such a big Chats phase during our first album Concentrate . Our producer Ayad had to keep telling us to stop trying to sound like punks.

‘Sweet Release’ by Hockey Dad

Craig toured with these guys and we actually got Beth’s BBQ with them on an off day on their tour in NYC. They’re such cool dudes and their music makes you feel like the coolest person in the room.

‘Apple Tree’ by Wolfmother

I first found Wolfmother through their song Joker and Thief through MLB the Show 2006. Apple Tree has to take the cake though as it’s just so unwieldy and messy that it really resonates with my unkempt soul.

‘L.S.D’ by Skeggs

Congratulations on making it to the end of our playlists! Enjoy this banger by Skeggs and have an amazing day <3 .

Check out the playlist by The Happy Fits: