What does the Godfather of Shock Rock do on his days off? Probably not feeding children, you might not think. That’s why a picture of Alice Cooper doing just that has set Twitter alight.

Although the image is an old one and has appeared online before, it’s went viral again this week. It shows Cooper doling out food to children at what appears to be a food bank. It appears like he’s serving macaroni cheese or potato salad. He looks so incongruous amongst the other servers. That line of kids has no idea the man giving them food is infamous for wearing a snake around his neck at concerts.

As the picture is trending again, fans have responded warmly to it. “Once held up as a threat to polite society, #alicecooper turns out to be a decent, outstanding citizen while so many so called ‘model citizens’ of schools, churches, business and especially politics, are like the evil characters in his songs,” Alex Skolnick from thrash metal band Testament tweeted.

“Alice Cooper was essentially accused of making and promoting the devil’s music as a shock rocker, even though he’s a born-again Christian,” noted a Twitter user. “Here he is doing something that’s more Christian than some of the people accusing him ever do!” Or as another person put it, “In a world of Eric Claptons, be Alice Cooper.”

The hard rocker has become widely known for his charitable nature. He hosts the annual Christmas Pudding Fundraiser for disadvantaged youth. The 19th annual fundraiser took place on December 4th and featured Ace Frehley from KISS and Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath.

Cooper is still going strong at the age of 73. He’s set to head out on a U.S. tour early next year. His latest album, Detroit Stories, came out at the start of this year. It was his 28th overall studio album and reached number three on the ARIA Album Chart.

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