After twelve years of gifting the world their unique brand of salsa/ psychedelic / jazz / fusion / metal / everything-influenced prog rock, it looks like the legacy of The Mars Volta has come to a close.

The band’s lyricist and vocalist, Cedric Bixler Zavala announced the band’s split, citing struggling relations with the other key half of The Mars Volta equation, prolific guitarist Omar Rodriguez Lopez.

The shock news arrives, as FasterLouder points out, via a series of tweets from Bixler Zavala this afternoon, revealing that he considers himself no longer a member of the band he and Rodriguez Lopez ran with a turnstile of musicians, both long and short term. The frontman indicated that problems with his childhood friend and musical partner-in-crime Rodriguez Lopez led to his announcement.

Bosnian Rainbows is the band formerly known as the Omar Rodriquez-Lopez Group, who christened themselves with the new moniker on their maiden voyage touring Australia last December, shows which our Tone Deaf reviewer in Melbourne called “enthralling.”

The lineup consists of Le Butcherettes’ Teri Gender Bender (Le Butcherettes), current Mars Volta drumming wizard Deantoni Parks, and Nicci Kasper “who is sort of this New York City legend of electronic and hip hop music,” said Rodriguez Lopez in an interview with Tone Deaf at the time. “I have put together a whole new group that I will be pretty much touring indefinitely.”

While Rodriguez Lopez has maintained a healthy solo career throughout The Mars Volta’s tenure, Bosnian Rainbows caused the band to go on a ‘hiatus’ in mid-2012, something that Bixler-Zavala now says he feels guilty “for not even really saying the truth because a hiatus is just an insult to the fans.”

The singer also notes that the duo had plans for a tour to support their last release, last year’s Noctourniquet, until relations with Rodriguez Lopez soured.

“I guess a break from mars volta means starting another band and ignoring all the support the fans gave us,” laments Bixler-Zavala, “I tried my hardest guys.” The vocalist is planning to move ahead with his own solo record, saying it “sounds nothing like my previous endeavours,” while also thanking fans and all past members of The Mars Volta crew.

Bixler-Zavala also mentions the recent At The Drive-In reunion, the influential Texan act he formed in 1993, before dissolving it in 2001 to form the Mars Volta. ATDI reformed last year for a series of global festivals, including their appearance at Splendour In The Grass last July, but their concerts were marred by Rodriguez-Lopez’ perceived lack of enthusiasm – something for which the singer calls out the guitarist on.

There has been no response yet from Omar Rodriguez Lopez about the fate of the The Mars Volta, but you can read a transcript of Bixler-Zavala’s tweets – and all of its lucid spelling – below:

Thank u 2 all VOLTA fans u deserved more especially after the way u rooted for us on this album. I tried my hardest to keep it going but Bosnian Rainbows was what we all got instead.

I can’t sit here and pretend any more. I no longer am a member of Mars Volta. I honestly thank all of you for buying our records and coming to our shows. You guys were a blast to play in front of. We could never had done it with out you. My dream was to get us to the point were Jon Theodore and Ikey Owens came back but sadly it’s over.

Thank u a million times over for ever giving a fuck about our band. For the record I tried my hardest to get a full scale North American tour going for Noctourniquet but Omar did not want to. I guess a break from mars volta means starting another band and ignoring all the support the fans gave us. I tried my hardest guys.

All I can do is move forward with my music and just be happy that mars volta ever happened at all. God Damn we had a blast. Thank u again. And no I’m not joking about any of this, I owe it 2 u guys to all fans to be serious about this.

Thank u to all past members who helped Volta along as well. we blasted through like a comet and left our mark! If u ever see me in person and want to know why I’ll tell u my story. Please just be happy that it happened at all remember all the opposition we were met with for just starting a new band back in 2001

And for the record I’m still in love with ATDI. Proof was in MY performance. I would never get on stage if my heart was else where. I have cancelled shows before for knowing full well that my heart was not in it at that moment. Why? Because its an insult to the audience

2 be clear I’m not angry I just wanted to be honest with the people who have allowed me to make a living playing music. What am I suppose to do be some progressive house wife that’s cool with watching their partner go fuck other bands? We owe it 2 fans to tour