With TV lovers, David Lynch fanatics, and hipsters everywhere awaiting the return of the cult TV show Twin Peaks on Monday, there’s no shortage of interesting facts and tidbits coming to light. But now, a quirky little fact about one of the show’s most famous music pieces has come to light.

As Vulture reports, David Lynch’s music supervisor Dean Hurley revealed an odd little coincidence that had been found in the influential soundtrack by composer Angelo Badalamenti.

Hurley stated that while he was looking at the MIDI notation for ‘Laura Palmer’s Theme’ from the show, he noticed something rather strange. Namely that the notation itself seems to actually portray a couple of mountains, or ‘twin peaks’, if you will.

According to Hurley, he also showed this to director David Lynch, who was just as surprised as he was. “I showed David the photo and I was like, ‘What does this look like to you?’ and he said, ‘Yeah, twin peaks. What about it?’” Hurley says. “And I told him what it was, and he just started shouting, ‘It’s cosmic! It’s cosmic! It’s cosmic!’ and then he was like, ‘That would make a great T-shirt.’ And then I sent it to Angelo, and Angelo was just like, ‘Whoa … this is scary … but very cool!”

Twin Peaks makes its long-awaited return on Monday, but if you’re eager to reacquaint yourself with the show’s hugely influential soundtrack, check out the brilliant ‘Laura Palmer’s Theme’ below.

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