The Prodigy appear to be back in action, reportedly working on new tunes just months after the untimely passing of Keith Flint.

Back in March, The Prodigy shared the devastating news that iconic singer and dancer Keith Flint had passed away at the age of 49.

While the outpouring of grief was swift and copious, the English act cancelled all their upcoming performances in light of the news, later sharing a statement regarding mental health in the wake of the tragedy.

“It has been a tough time for everyone over the last few weeks since Keef’s passing,” the band shared on Instagram. “If you are struggling with depression, addiction or the impact of suicide, please do not suffer in silence.

“The Prodigy fully support the campaign to improve mental health for all and give it the respect it deserves.”

Now, more than five months on, The Prodigy have revealed they’re back in the studio making new music.

Check out Liam Howlett’s Facebook post:

Taking to social media earlier today, Liam Howlett shared an image of himself in the studio, revealing that new material was in the works.

“Back in the studio making noise,” Howlett explained, accompanying the post with tags like #weliveforever and #cantstoptheorkc. “Brand new Prodigy tunes are gonna roll.”

As it stands, The Prodigy released their latest album – No Tourists – back in November of 2018. While they soon hit the road in support of the record (performing in Australia and New Zealand most recently), Liam Howlett revealed back in February that a new DJ mix album was on the way.

Titled Dirtchamber Sessions Vol 2, the new mix would serve as a follow-up to the similarly-titled first volume, first released in 1999 after premiering as a solo mix for a BBC Radio 1 program the previous year.

While there’s no confirmation as to whether these new tunes are part of a new studio record or this previously-announced mix album, fans are undoubtedly hoping that they’ll soon witness a new period of activity for this group who have already been through so much.

Check out ‘We Live Forever’ by The Prodigy: