The Project made an unprompted and cheap edit of a clip from BTS at the Grammys that spurred discussion of their anti AAPI sentiments.

Australian outlet The Project is currently facing backlash from BTS fans after making an offensive video that insinuated the band performed at the Grammys while spreading Covid-19. The video has since been deleted but that didn’t stop armies from having their say.

The edit in question featured Grammys host Trevor Noah asking the band how they are feeling before putting a coughing noise over band member V holding their hand up to their mouth.

Particle effects were also added to the video that were supposed to look like Covid-19 particles spewing out from the band member’s mouth despite band member Jungkook testing negative before the event.

Chrissie Swan said in a voiceover accompanying the clip: “K-Pop sensation BTS dropped in, dismissing their very recent battles with COVID-19.”

The edit appeared to be making a play that Asians spread Covid, a belief that perpetuates further violence against AAPI communities.

There were 540 incidents of anti-Asian racism related to COVID reported to the Asian Australian Alliance (AAA) between April 2020 and June 2021. The AAA also found that 90 percent of incidents of anti-Asian racism went unreported.

One fan was baffled at how an edit like this was even made by the publication and points out that it’s not funny from any perspective.

“How does a clip like the one depicting BTS as covid-spreaders get approved?

The only Asian nominees and The Project decides to make a covid joke, real stylish, there. Nothing like some casual racism You gonna get ARMYs all over the world calling you out for this”

Many other Twitter users called for a takedown of the content and demanded an apology.

“A popular Australian show has resorted to cheap, derogatory editing & racism in the name of comedy. Racism is never funny in any situation,” wrote one Aussie-based BTS fan account.

“We condemn these microaggressions being demonstrated towards Asian artists & demand a takedown of the post & a formal apology.”

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