The Simpsons have had some made some iconic popular cultural stamps over the years.

From ‘Canyanero’ to ‘Bart vs Australia’ there isn’t a show that gets quoted more at your family BBQ. However, this rendition of their famous ‘see my vest’ song takes the cake.

The internet in all its glory has turned to a new trend of shitposting The Simpsons.

The Simpsons by design are leaders of the shitposting genre, their references and digs at culture are poignant and hilariously true and can be adapted time after time to fit whatever new things are happening in the world.

These new fan-made adaptions of Simpson jokes create a new form of meta-humour. The jokes must be based on the first 10 seasons of the show, as they have the largest multigenerational audiences.

The latest (and most brilliant) is that of a metal rendition of Mr Burns’ famous performance of ‘See My Vest’.

‘See My vest’ was a parody of ‘Be Our Guest’ from the film Beauty And The Beast, the parody focuses on billionaire Mr Burns’ collection of inappropriate and probably illegal wardrobe items made from exotic animal pelts. Lisa and Bart discover that he is about to use their puppies to make a new tuxedo through this light-hearted and catchy song. For a refresher, check it out here.

That tune will probably be stuck in your head all day now, but now you can fully experience this metal version. Credit to Ian Moir who gave Burns a new black denim vest, in replacement of his gorilla chest, with popular metal band patches all over it.

The post reworks the lyrics to fit the band names into the melody as if this was fate. I’m sure the Simpsons writers are disgruntled that they didn’t think of this joke first!

Check out The Simpsons parody: