The Smith Street Band have released a new single and have announced that their fifth studio album Don’t Waste Your Anger will be out on April 17th.

Aussie punk outfit The Smith Street Band are back at it again with a brand new single ‘I Still Dream About You’. The newest tune is from their highly anticipated forthcoming new album Don’t Waste Your Anger.

The newest album was originally set for a June release, but the band have moved the album forward to be debuted via their own label, Pool House Records, on Friday, April 17th. Recorded in the band’s own off-the-grid Bush House Studios, the new album is entirely recorded and mixed by bass player Michael “Fitzy” Fitzgerald, himself.

In addition to this new single and album, The Smith Street Band have announced their own week of virtual acoustic concerts titled the ‘In-Wils-House’ tour, which will see Wil Wagner playing in different rooms around his house. Daily at 8:00PM AEST continuing from April 12th for the lead up to the new album, Wagner will be performing a short, acoustic set via the band’s Facebook page, and will also be accompanied with a live Q&A session.

“We have an album that is recorded, mixed, mastered and ready to go but with the outbreak of Coronavirus and the whole world grinding to a halt we don’t know when we’ll get physical copies or when we will be able to tour it,” Wagner stated.

“So, we figured instead of sitting on these songs for who knows how long we’d release it now and as soon as the restrictions on getting together allow it we’ll get back in our studio and make more music!”

“We have a new single out right now called ‘I Still Dream About You’. We’ve actually been playing this song live for 18 months or so, it was the first thing we wrote for this album,” the frontman continued.

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“For years after quitting smoking I had a recurring dream where I would just roll and smoke a cigarette and I thought it was interesting that my body, or subconscious, was holding on to something I’d tried to quit. Thinking about that idea is what inspired this song!”

The Smith Street’s newest album Don’t Waste Your Anger will be available digitally on Friday, April 17th. You can check out their newest single ‘I Still Dream About You’ and the tour dates for ‘In-Wils-House’ below.

Check out The Smith Street Band’s ‘I Still Dream About You’:

The Smith Street Band
‘In-Wils-House’ Tour 2020

Sunday, April 12th through Friday, April 17th
8.00PM AEST / 11.00AM BST / 12.00PM CEST
Acoustic set & Q&A

Sunday, April 12th
Wil on the Front Deck + Q&A with Lee

Monday, April 13th
Wil on the Back Deck+ Q&A with Jess

Tuesday, April 14th
Wil in the Forest + Q&A with Fitzy

Wednesday, April 15th
Wil in the Bedroom + Q&A with Lucy

Thursday, April 16th
Wil in The Campervan + Q&A with Matt

Friday, April 17th
Wil in the Studio + Q&A with Wil