Bringing together the best of both worlds in entertainment, the Jim Beam Welcome Sessions have concluded with an intimate, love-filled gig with pop duo The Veronicas at the helm.

As Jim Beam’s 2022 Welcome Sessions played celebration to the love of live music, and the connection it generates between fans and artists, the final edition of the beloved winter of gigs not only brought people together, but turned strangers into friends and friends into family – a connection that cannot be understated.

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Great music brought fans together as they enjoyed refreshing bourbon drinks for the final leg of the Australian concert series, which not only brought tears to their most die-hard fans eyes in the front row, but brought the identical twin sisters Jessica and Lisa Origliasso to the realisation that they haven’t played an intimate gig like this since a year past their inception in 2004.

For The Veronicas, who are already stacked in terms of schedule for their various appearances this spring and summer through festivals across the country, this one-off show at The Hop Bar at Beer DeLuxe in Melbourne was a rare treat for concert-goers, offering an out-of-the-ordinary occasion to be in a small setting with the sisters on stage.

The top level of Beer DeLuxe plays host to the Hop Bar with a large, closed terrace, and a lush beer garden to boot, which perfectly set the scene for the afternoon to come.

With their massive discography in hand, the pair played all of their hits from ‘If You Love Someone’ to ‘In My Blood’, and of course their unrivalled single ‘Untouched’, quipping “everyone please rise for the national anthem” before the iconic opening chords played. The Veronicas and fans connected with ease, singing every lyric together at the top of their lungs mere inches from each other. By bringing fans closer with their musical icons, there was something special in the room that afternoon that is rarely met elsewhere.

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By the end of the gig, with laughs, tears, and all-around good vibes being shared by the small crowd, The Veronicas were certainly enjoying the intimate feel of the show stating that the love in the room was not only tangible, but they reckoned that they’d “fallen in love with nearly every single person in the room” as they could “stare straight into everyone’s eyes.”

Continuing the theme of love, fans got to get even closer to the duo with hugs being shared, laughs, and plenty of memories through the years – something fans typically wouldn’t be able to manage with The Veronicas typically sporting huge stages and crowds.

With close to two decades spent as the unofficial ambassadors of Australian pop music, it’s no surprise that an event such as this served as a highlight of the year for many. But, add in the unique, intimate nature of its design, the unifying, communal vibes, and the enduring impact of iconic pop music, and there’s no doubt that this special gig will be one that is talked about for many years to come.

And, how was this all brought together? By Jim Beam Welcome Sessions, who not only put on this fantastic show, but brought Client Liaison and Flight Facilities in previous months to the smaller stages for more personal shows with their biggest fans.

With the goal of bringing fans and artists together to create one-of-a-kind live music experiences, and turning complete strangers into family in the mere span of one afternoon, Jim Beam certainly achieved it with this final 2022 set.

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