The Who’s front man, Roger Daltrey, has come out swinging at U2 and their front man Bono, joining a chorus of disapproval of the band for moving their assets off shore to the Netherlands to avoid paying tax in Ireland. In an interview with a trashy UK tabloid, Daltrey attacked Bono as a “tax dodger”, sneering “I find it very interesting that people who spout socialism don’t want to pay for a socialist state.”

The ‘Hope I Die Before I Get Old’ singer then moved in to bigoted old man territory, attacking the UK’s Immigration Policy, saying that both major parties weren’t addressing issues he has with it. He caused a storm several weeks ago when he claimed that the Labour Party in the UK had ‘screwed’ the country by ‘opening the floodgates to foreigners’, while now accusing the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition led by David Cameron of having their “heads up their arse” on the issue of immigration.

Daltrey fumed “They don’t realise how hard the average man has to work to pay those taxes. I don’t see anybody in the Government with a pair of balls. They’re so spineless.” He also attacked the party for the pressures immigration is putting on the National Health Service, saying “Nobody is in charge and nobody wants to accept responsibility.”

Ironically, multimillionaire Daltrey, who is worth over $50 million, also attacked the Labour Party; saying “They slaughtered the working class here. It is always the little man.”

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