Gene Simmons has blamed illegal file sharing for the fact that KISS won’t be making another record anytime soon.

Speaking on the SDR radio show, Simmons was asked what keeps the band recording after four decades in the industry.

“That’s less of an incentive, because downloading and file sharing. People have convinced themselves they don’t wanna pay for stuff,” he said. “And last time I checked, KISS is not a charity. We’re philanthropic, but I’ll be the one that decides how much I give and where.

“I don’t want some college kid to decide, ‘You have enough money. I don’t wanna pay for your record.’ Okay, then go download and Radiohead record and see what happ… No, ain’t about that.”

“Make a distinction between commerce and philanthropy. So the idea of doing another Kiss record, unless and if there’s a financial model that works, personally I’m not interested in it.”

Kiss released their last record, Monster, in 2012. Interestingly, the band didn’t release a record between 1998’s Psycho Circus, and 2009’s Sonic Boom – which mirrors the invention and rise of file sharing software, and the MP3. Guess home taping wasn’t an issue for Simmons.

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