As one of music’s most eclectic figures, Thom Yorke has founded his career upon striking audiences with highly introspective art and songcraft that has truly transcended multiple boundaries.

At a rare solo show in LA this week, the Radiohead frontman took the opportunity to bask in his signature introspection and self-awareness with a new track titled I Am A Very Rude Person. In an era of social media worship and self-indulgence, we knew we could count on ol’ Thom to really take us to the crux of humanity with this simple yet damn impactful song title.

You can watch Thom get into the groove of the droning electronic track that ebbs and flows with a nuanced skip below:

The legendary innovator also played an array of previously unreleased tracks, including Impossible Knots, Not the News, and Traffic as well as test the waters on a new track called Saturdays.